The Analog XP – Issue #1


I’m really excited to publish this. Our first The Analog XP!

First I have to thank our first 5 patreons to trust this project even before even before revealing any information about it. I hope you like it!

In this issue:
– The Gaming Lab! Earlier this year we hosted a great event here in Brazil focused on analog game design discussion. Creators from all around came to showcase their projects, ideas, theories. The Laboratório de Jogos was a great success, and I hope next year we’ll be able to bring more international guests!
– Patronage in Brazil! Find out who is already using this amazing platform in Portuguese language. A lot of new projects coming all around and now we’re finally trying to translate everything to English!
– Caduceus! Every issue of the Analog XP will contain a fully translated game and this month we have Caduceus, a two player futuristic game about using another body as a vessel for your brain to infiltrate a living fortress. This was the first game of the Patreon Versus to be voted as the best game yet.

Click to download now!