The Analog XP #6 – Lost in Translation


We have a bunch of new popular foreign games being launched here and this translation thing is something that have been bothering me for quite some time, since I decided to first launch my game PULSE in English. But how does someone translate some work to another culture?

This is also an edition where I changed how Full Games will be handled. Well, like evertything else here, this is a new experimentation on my behalf. I always hated how the format of the magazine changed for some games we published and it used to just greatly enlarge the size of the magazine. Another thing is that these games are mostly prototypes frequently being tested and updated, but Patreon still does not let us re-upload files. So I decided to keep the games in an environment that I can edit and change the files so you’ll always have access to the latest version available.

Please send me your suggestions on this matter… and on everything you want to!

In this issue:
What are the main worries when decoding a game to a different language? These are the guys we asked that:
AISLAN DE BORBA ( Our Last Best Hope )
ANESIO VARGAS ( Numenera )
GILVAN GOUVEA ( Iron Kingdoms )

The experience on writing one game a month for almost an year

+full game: PRISONER
A GMless story game about survival and co-op between enemies isolated in a hostile planet



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