The Analog XP #7 – Lessons From Space


Our first XP of 2015 comes with lessons far away in time and space! Not that far, actually. But how can we relate our game design community to an event in the Cold War: The ASTP joint mission? With Americans and Soviet could work together during a really tense war, I’m sure us peaceful game designers can too! But there’s more to it.

Please send me your comments! Feedback is being amazing and I’m taking a little more care of The AXP this year. It won’t come out so often but I want to deliver more meaningful stories.

Since I’m also in a good mood, here’s an excerpt from a well favorable song for this post.

“Did you think that your feet had been bound
By what gravity brings to the ground?
Did you feel you were tricked
By the future you picked?
Well, come on down

All these rules don’t apply
When you’re high in the sky
So come on down
Come on down”

by Peter Gabriel, amazing song called Down To Earth

Thanks everyone!

This is what we have in this issue:
What can game designers learn from one of the most unprobable space co-op missions in history, the Apollo-Soyuz rendezvous?

All about 2015 brazilian design contests and why the “competition” actually are bringing developers closer to each other

+ VERSUS 2014
Last year we talked a lot about the Versus project, creating one game per month during one year. Finally a list with all our creations and some more opinions on it