Hi! I’m Encho Chagas and I am trying to make a living by creating games. Not only creating games, but also researching and experiencing different approaches to it, and this Patreon will help me keep going on. I believe I need to tell you what we are doing here before asking you to buy something.

It is easier done than said.

‘The Analog XP’ will be an online magazine and YouTube channel with content about brazilian independent publishing and design discussion, with interviews, reviews and articles about what’s being created. My goal is to create an opening to our games outside our country.

Every issue will contain articles about gaming discussion, reviews and (the most important) A BRAZILIAN INDIE GAME IN ENGLISH. Each month I will invite an author to publish his game in the next edition. If no other brazilian author is able to finish translating a game, you’ll probably get one of mine. I already create one game per month, but I want to give others the opportunity to show their work, and so you don’t get tired of my crazy ass bizarre games.

You probably know the annual game design competition Game Chef. I am the first brazilian to win it with the game PULSE, World Champion of Game Chef 2013. Yeah, I am from Brazil and here we’re on our best moment in game creativity and discussion. We already do a lot as a game design community, but I want to take it another step forward. I want to break our country boundaries, show the world what we’ve been doing here.


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An online magazine about brazilian independent analog game design. E também uma revista online sobre desenvolvimento analógico independente.

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