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The Analog XP – Issue #4


Great content at this edition! Since the game is only 3 pages large I decided to deliver more articles. Actually that and there were much things I wanted to talk about Gen Con 2014, the Brazilian cons and this theory about Narrative DNA.

But, woa! The first Analog XP after returning from Gen Con!

So now things change a little and I guess the content will be something really enjoyable. After spending the first 3 issues introducing our community, I’ll start introducing some of my personal theories and also some thinkings from some other game designers around here. At this issue me and Eduardo Caetano will talk a little about how all this time reading and playing foreign games really changed the way we think about games, heavily inspiring us in our first attempts, both really successful. But we will also talk about Julio Matos thinking on why we shouldn’t call all the games we play RPG. That is something we discuss a lot around here and seems to be not that frequent in the US discussions. Let’s find out.

Please send me all your impressions, sugestions, complaints and also portuguese to english corrections. I’m getting a little too confident but I don’t want to be overconfident. That’s when most errors appear.

You will read on The Analog XP #4:
– GenCon 2014:
We were at the best four days in gaming and here is our experience
– Narrative DNA:
Years playing foreign games defined a generation of Brazilian RPGs, but did something change now?
– Why I Abandoned RPG:
Julio Matos says why the term RPG is not so good to define most of our narrative indie games
– FULL GAME: Metroyska Journal
A breathtaking three player game about treason, war, and survival inside a sunk soviet submarine at the bottom of the ocean